Hannya Demon Ring

Demon ring inspired by Hannya masks. The Hannya mask is a traditional Japanese mask used in Noh theatrical performances. Hannya is a representation of a haunted past of a woman transformed into a demon. Its face evokes fear and they are seen as a talisman to scare and ward off evil. Although the Hannya Mask is portrayed as demonic and furious, depending on which angle it is seen, the mask can also evoke emotions of sorrow and sadness. The koi fish on the sides is swimming upstream in a battle with life, still fighting obstacles but won’t give up.

The band is a comfort fit with the interior and edges of the ring smooth and rounded to make it easier to wear.

Approx. band thickness: 2.5mm, approx. height: 23.5mm (from forehead to chin).

Finishing: antiqued

All metals are conflict-free. We never use home refined metals, scrap gold etc.Shipping cost include Custom duty.

Hannya Demon Ring

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  • Can be made in any size, including half and quarter sizes.